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Tours & Activities

The best way to holiday in Tassie ... is to find somewhere really good to stay and make it a base for day trips. This island is packed with places of interest not far apart (if you drive for more than 5 minutes without a stop you miss something, like Hamilton Plains Road 5 minutes away)

Here, there is no need to drive long distances every day or move house every night (which is not fun). Any holiday is much more enjoyable when you are not repeatedly packing and unpacking, constantly driving a loaded vehicle and committed to checking in by 6.00 p.m. and out again by 10.00 a.m. every day.

Staying a while in one place is the only way to get in touch with the true Tasmania, the real character of our island.

Also, it enables a low work flexible itinerary, it is the best way to relax, or to travel with others - especially a family.

Hamilton is central in southern tasmania, most of south and central Tasmania is within 90 minutes drive.

We suggest; drive away in the morning for 90 minutes (eg to Campbelltown, the Gordon Dam, Cygnet), stop and have a good look around, then spend the rest of the day working your way back home.

Local Farm Tours, Local Walking Tours, Short Drive-A-Way Tours and for those looking for a heart starter Extreme Activities are all within a day’s travel from your home from holiday home here at Jackson’s Emporium.

Willow Creek Farm at Ellendale is an interactive Bio-Dynamic agricultural experience like no other, cuddle miniature goats, get up and close with miniature cattle, see a jersey cow being milked, find out all about where you food actually comes from, all this at the historic 1889 property on top of the world, next door to World Heritage Wilderness.

Plenty Farm Glenora Road Plenty one of the finest fruit and berry farms in Tasmania.

Mike Potter is the Master of Pick You Own fruit and berries in summer months.